Vigilance Properties delivers leading protection services across the UK.

A flexible nationwide range of offerings, with cost-effective solutions a priority. An ex-military operation, our workforce is drilled to deliver top levels of service at short notice.

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Vigilance Properties Ltd
20A Eccleston Street, Belgravia
London, SW1W 9LT

Tel: 0203 416 5340
Fax: 0203 416 5350

January 20 11:01am Our razor sharp uniforms are matched by our staff's instincts:

January 16 11:25am An interesting discussion of the changing world of access control by Intersec:

January 14 10:01am Great project management tips for Facility Managers:

January 13 10:36am Are your #security provisions still enough?

January 12 9:01am "Britain property market set to sky rocket" predicts financial consultancy deVere group

January 10 11:01am Time for a #security reassessment? Get in touch to find out more about our property guarding and security services…

Our Services

Our competitive core trio of services (caretaking, guarding and concierge) is delivered at short notice with speed and precision. More specific client requirements and a range of additional security needs are met by our specialist teams.

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Belgravia Mansion

Each client requirement is unique, and no two operational approaches are identical. These case studies offer a snapshot of some of the diverse tasks and solutions we deliver.

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Our Workforce

We take pride in the high calibre and wide ranging skills of our workers. Almost all Vigilance personnel are ex-Services and experienced at operating in challenging environments.

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